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What is hedonism?

You have probably heard someone being called a “hedonist“ a dozen times, and that “ they know how to enjoy life“, but do you really know what ...

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Life goes through the stomach

Can you remember tha last time you ate calmly and slowly, no rush, no tension? Try to remember what your parents taught you. “ Life goes through the...

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Moderation - The key to a life of satisfaction

Whenever you talk to a hedonist, one word will always echo in your mind even after the conversation. Moderation. The secret to their longevity and hap...

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Choose your bite

At the thought of hedonism, the first thing that comes to our minds is food, which is right. With quality and moderate diet, you can do so much for yo...

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The versatility of fruit

Meat, fish, cheese...yes, those are the foods you will certainly find on a hedonist's table, but the list does not end there, far from it. Whether it...

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Enjoying tobacco smoke

Although people claim it is harmful for your health, enjoying tobacco is high on the list of priorities of many hedonists. The aroma that tobacco brin...

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Explore by travelling

Many people claim that travelling is the ultimate pleasure and where there is pleasure, there are hedonists. Whether you are travelling out of necessi...

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The relaxing blue

Nothing but the big Blue and you. Alone, face to face. This is how you could briefly describe enjoying sailing, one of the recreational activities tha...

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Food for the head

Reading a good book can bring great pleasure to those who love discovering new things and using their imagination. Whether you like good prose, poetry...

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Our daily shopping

Though not easily admitted, to many people shopping is an excellent way to relax and enjoy. Also, doesn’t it feel nice when you buy something new an...

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