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PRIOR pear viljamovka

PRIOR pear viljamovka is a fruit liquor, made of the green fruit of viljamovka pear, to which a succulent and tasteful fruit of the same pear type is added. PRIOR pear viljamovka will, with its well-rounded scent and seductive flavor, ensure sweet moments of pleasure.

PRIOR pear brandy

PRIOR pear brandy, by far the most well-known natural liquor from Fructal’s basement, is well-known for its quality, refined flavor and clear, sweet aroma of viljamovka pear, throughout the whole region.

PRIOR plum brandy

Prior Slivovitz is a top-class hard alcoholic beverage that we get from distillation of juicy, sweet and pleasantly aromatic domestic plum fruits ( Prunus domestica). They give PRIOR Slivovitz that unique aroma and taste. Slivovitz is an extremely popular hard drink in Slovenia, as well as the whole region.

PRIOR pelinkovac

PRIOR pelinkovac is a bitter liqueur of supreme quality, made according to the traditional recipe. Supreme quality of PRIOR wormwood liqueur (pelinkovac) was awarded multiple times on various international conventions with the highest rewards.

PRIOR kalvan

PRIOR kalvan is a liquor that is made from apple wine. It is known world-wide as Calvados. PRIOR kalvan is distinctly golden-yellow and has a pleasant, gentle scent of apple wine.

PRIOR brinjevec

Natural liquor brinjevec (juniper brandy) is a traditional Slovenian drink, protected by a geographical patent. It is recognizable for its unique aroma and undisputable, complete flavor of juniper berries.