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Fructal’s tradition of producing alcoholic beverages dates back to the beginning of its existence, the year 1945, when the Provincial company for export and processing fruit was founded. At first, there were five workers in the former building of a textile factory, where they started purchasing and trading fruit, and at the very beginning ventured into an activity done by nearly all the people in the valley - making alcoholic beverages. They were helped by human wisdom, experience in the valley, optimism and the wish to make something new, something of high quality. They started work with very modest resources, however with good will and courage, unwittingly setting the foundation of a successful company with a rich tradition.

One of the cofounders, after 5 years of the company’s business, remembers the beginning: “ Only several months had passed since I returned from the partisan unit in Dolenjska in Vipavska valley. Then the people told me: “ Joze, the juniper has flourished, we must help our people – buy it off and turn it into alcoholic beverages; do you know somebody capable of something like that? “ He replied that he himself knew how to make alcoholic beverages and the story begins shortly after.

He got four collaborators with whom he rearranged the space in the abandoned factory. So in Ajdovscina they set up a factory with simple working preparations, one cauldron that they had rearranged from a cauldron for re-boiling clothing, one smuggled cauldron from Lipica and one completely legally obtained Cauldron from Ljubljana. One of the first products of the company was Klekovača, shortly after, they started producing various sorts of liquor and rakia.

Fructal’s pear brandy was well-known since olden days; fruit brandy called sladjevac, pear brandy and slivovitz were bottled by Fructal Alko from Ljubljana, under the Kartuzija Pletarje licence. In 2001, for products united under the PRIOR brand: pear brandy, slivovitz, juniper brandy and wormwood liqueur. Later on, that base range was accompanied by kalvan, and then pelinkovac liquer, and, at the end of 2006-2007, PRIOR pear viljamovka.

The quality of PRIOR natural liquors is constantly confirmed by the highest acknowledgements on various international competitions.