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PRIOR, NATURAL RAKIA: tradition, quality, years of experience

Production of top quality natural rakias in Fructal dates back to mid-twentieth century, the year 1976, when they launched the natural Viljamovka on the market. Since then until this day, Fructal’s natural rakias, fronted by the famous PRIOR viljamovka, have been the winners of numerous national and international acknowledgements and awards every year.

The basis for such quality alcoholic products is in the carefully sorted ingredients, year long experience and the knowledge of the employees, carefully controlled production process and a tradition combined with modern technology. The production process in Fructal joins knowledge of several generations with the spirit of Slovenian tradition. We can therefore say with pride that our rakias are of high order and unique flavour. The characteristic taste and aroma of PRIOR is achieved primarily with careful sorting of fruit and natural distillates. Great emphasis is placed on fruit input control - every shipment is carefully inspected and controlled. We in Fructal focus on obtaining top quality fruit and other raw materials from the world’s best manufacturers, who with time have become our reliable, long time partners. The most famous pear Viljamovka comes to Fructal from various sunny regions of Europe, our suppliers have not changed for more than 30 years and every year they provide us with the juiciest crops of viljamovka pears.

Regulated processing, based on experience from the past and joined with modern technology, enables us to bottle the familiar taste of Nature and offer the market superior products of extraordinary quality.

The main stages of producing natural rakias are similar to the procedure used by our ancestors, though modernised and combined with automatic processes and the work of industrious hands. The process begins firstly with getting the distillates. The chosen fruit is first inspected, cleaned and grinded in a large mill, where fruit mash is made. We keep the fruit mash in special containers, where with the help of yeasts the fermentation begins. Then the distillation process begins. The distillation is done in a two degree row, where technicians make sure that only the important, tasty ingredients go into liquid. In Fructal we do the distillation in a continuous process, which means that distillatory machines are continuously filled with fermented fruit mash. At the end, the clear distillate flows into the machine in drops. The distillate is filtered and then we let it lie and get to the specified age. We keep the distillate and let it age in stainless cisterns. Some of our premium distillates have very special treatment> they spend more time in old oak containers, which ensure for the characteristic colour, soft taste and the pleasant smell of the distillate.

In the next stage the distillate that has lain is diluted with demineralised water, with which we achieve the desired strength of the alcoholic beverages. During that procedure, the content of the alcohol is inspected and an organoleptic test is made, where we check the taste, smell and the looks of the drink (clarity and/or colour).

The next stage is the cooling and stabilisation of the drink. Then comes the filtration followed by bottling the drinks. The bottling is carefully inspected. The quality of the alcoholic beverages is inspected by randomly chosen bottles from the production line.

The entire process is carefully controlled, with the aim of retaining the natural, familiar taste and aroma, which please even the most demanding buyer. The production is overseen by the sharp eye of the controllers who carefully mark every stage and only with their approval can the procedure go into the next stge. Monitoring and quality control are done in every step in the process of producing alcoholic beverages. This is how consistent quality of the product is achieved at the highest level.

We have briefly presented you with the magical world of natural rakias in Fructal, connected with years of experience. For decades now we have presented the market with natural rakias, in which the harmonious taste, aroma and smell are interwoven.

The aroma and taste are joined in harmony in the products of top quality. Every sip of the natural PRIOR rakia from the Fructal cellar gives the sensational feeling that lasts and makes an unrepeatable impression. Today, the natural PRIOR rakias are a symbol of high quality. This is proven by numerous acknowledgements from various fairs and competitions. The everyday proof of high quality is also the content customers, who know how to enjoy with a glass of their drink of choice, which is the most important acknowledgement for Fructal.

PRIOR natural rakias are gathered in such an assortment from which everybody can choose something for themselves. Different occasions are appropriate - from quietly enjoying alone, to happy get-togethers and parties, and most of all, they are appropriate as a gift for those dearest to us.